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Imagine to be in Italy, in a hot summer day. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Exactly. Gelato. There is no better dessert after a meal, no better snack during a city stroll, no better way to hang out with friends in the evening than ice cream. Ice cream, as it can be said for lots of different food in Italy, is much more than just a dessert for Italians; it is a way to get together and enjoy something nice with the people you love.

When Smeg Nordic asked me to create some recipes for their new launch, the ice cream maker accessory for their stand mixer, I was more than thrilled! As you already know if you’ve followed The Adagio Blog for a while, I have collaborated with Smeg Nordic for some time already, daily use their small appliances and I honestly believe they are the best household appliances I’ve ever tried. I love how they superbly succeeded in combining a beautiful, elegant and functional design with power and efficiency.

The new Smeg’s ice cream maker is nothing less than genial: the cooling container perfectly fits the stand mixer’s metallic bowl and then whisk is operated through a magnetic adapter. So the whole device won’t take more space in your kitchen than a normal 1 liter bowl, how amazing is that? The only thing you’ll need to remember in advance is to cool the container for at least 18 hours before its utilization and you’ll be ready to churn any ice cream you want!

Ice cream maker | Thais FK X Smeg Nordic
Ice cream maker | Thais FK X Smeg Nordic

The first recipe I created with the ice cream maker was a tiramisu ice cream. I promise you, it will taste like the real deal, only frozen. The secret lies in adding the pieces of coffee soaked savoiardi biscuits only once the ice cream is ready. In that way the texture of the biscuits is preserved and the flavors of the tiramisu ice cream and the coffee are combined, but not blended. Just as nonna’s tiramisu would be 😉

Tiramisù Ice Cream Recipe on The Adagio Blog | Ice cream maker | Thais FK X Smeg Nordic

Did you know? Tiramisù means literally “take me up” or “cheer me up” and in Italian language requires the accent on the letter u.

Tiramisu ice cream

A flavorful ice cream that tastes exactly like the beloved Italian dessert and will cool you down on hot summer days. Serve it in an ice cream cone or enjoy it in a bowl, topped with crushed coffee beans.
Prep Time20 mins
Churning time30 mins
Serves: 600 g (5/6 people)
Author: Thais FK


  • 2 egg yolks ~ 30 g
  • 85 g caster sugar 1 dl
  • 100 ml heavy cream
  • 250 ml whole milk
  • 100 g mascarpone cheese
  • 5 savoiardi biscuits ~ 45 g
  • 2 shots of espresso 60 ml
  • Coffee beans optional


  • In a metallic bowl, whisk the egg yolks and sugar until they will form a white, foamy cream.
  • Place the egg and sugar cream into a saucepan, add the cream and milk and heat the cream at very low heat, mixing constantly.
  • When the mixture starts to boil, turn off the heat and cover with cling film.
  • Once the egg cream will be cooled off completely, add the mascarpone cheese and mix until it is well incorporated with the cream.
  • Power the ice cream machine and pour the cream into it. The ice cream will be ready within 30 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, soak the savoiardi in coffee and chop them grossly. Once the ice cream will be ready, fold the biscuits into the ice cream.
  • Serve with lightly crushed coffee beans.


Remember that many ice cream machines need to be cooled for at least 18 hours before their utilization!
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Tiramisù Ice Cream Recipe on The Adagio Blog | Ice cream maker | Thais FK X Smeg Nordic

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