I had a long break. We took a long trip. And I decided I wouldn’t think about work for the whole time. I barely checked the blog, I didn’t open the blog’s social media channels. I started working already three weeks ago, producing media content for brands, planning baking classes, but something was still off.

Alentejo, Portugal | On Posting Responsibly - Slow Posting - The Adagio Blog by Thais FK

Then I open Elena Maria Cito’s newsletter and I understood. If you have followed this blog for a while, you’ve noticed how it has evolved until the point of rebranding in order to make “going slow” its fulcrum and essence. The Adagio Blog is a place where time doesn’t have a negative connotation. You all know that when a new post comes over here, it’s because it has something meaningful to say, it contains a well-thought recipe, it’s the child of a collaboration with a company I personally admire and with whom I share the same values.

I’m not after the numbers and, to be honest, numbers don’t make a difference in my salary. At a certain point in my journey I realized I had to find a way to get a salary that would not be dependent on the amount of followers/readers I have. It caused me a great deal of stress, it forced me to create way too much content than I wanted and consequently compromise on the quality. So that’s why I started selling media content directly to companies and organize my own workshops and baking classes. It was the best way I could come up with to keep hold of my time and continue to do the work I love.

It’s a decision I took keeping you in mind, too, dear reader. I didn’t want to use you as a means to an end. I wanted to respect your time and give you something worthwhile.

Alentejo, Portugal | On Posting Responsibly - Slow Posting - The Adagio Blog by Thais FK

What I realized reading that newsletter was that, even if I could set the tone over here, in my own blog, I couldn’t control Instagram’s tone. There, everything always goes superfast and people are constantly posting slightly different takes on the same subjects. I felt good not logging in my blog’s account during my time off and even now, I haven’t really checked it yet.

When you google “How to grow on Instagram” the counsel you’ll hear most often is that you have to be consistent, you have to choose and stick to a specific color pattern, you have to post regularly. I never really followed any of these rules and I feel the blog has always been more important for me than the IG grid, but now I feel even more motivated not to bend to these rules and just apply my adagio method to how I post on Instagram as well. A Slow Posting, if you will.

I’m glad not to be the only one sharing these thoughts. Aimee Twigger, Saghar Setareth, Valeria Necchio and Regula Ysewijn are just a few among the many great colleagues that share the same feelings about breaking free from Instagram’s grid.

I cannot but agree with Elena when she says in her newsletter:

“I promise that this year on Instagram I will open my mouth only when I’ll have something useful and interesting to say”.

Alentejo, Portugal | On Posting Responsibly - Slow Posting - The Adagio Blog by Thais FK

From now on, more than ever, you will hear from me, but adagio.

The best way to know when something’s going on is to subscribe to The Adagio Newsletter and be assured, I think you should have gotten the gist by now, I won’t bother you often.

Thais FK

Italian photographer, recipe developer and content creator, Thais came to Finland by chance, but stayed for love. Through photography she tells stories about traveling, eating, cooking and living sustainably, in order to discover new cultures and not to forget her origins. Thais FK's portfolio: thaisfk.com

April 12, 2020



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    January 31, 2020

    Stunning photos and beautifully written words. I have never felt as creative as I do now that I have broken free of the restrictions I set my self on Instagram x

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      Thais FK

      April 20, 2020

      Thanks dear Aimee for inspiring others to do the same!

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    March 2, 2022

    Great! I find this article searching “slow posting” o Google, and it’s brilliant.