The Adagio Blog - Stories from a Nordic-Italian kitchen and unrushed travels

In The Adagio Blog you can sit back, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and relax. Here it is all about slow living and giving the right value to the right things in life. We wanted that our blog would reflect our lifestyle and that’s why we decided to rebrand what before was Due fili d’erba into The Adagio Blog.

In The Adagio Blog you will find recipes meticulously developed by us, stories from our unrushed travels and useful tips in order to live a slow, sustainable life.

Thais FK

Half Italian and half Brazilian, born and grown up in Italy, I moved to Finland soon after I graduated. For some reason, I’ve always felt a bit wrong and out of place, and I’ve finally found my purpose here in the earth of reindeers and Northern lights.

I love my roots, but in Italy life was too hectic, too chaotic and crowded for an introvert person like I am. In the quiet Finland I had time to reevaluate my values and to analyze my motivations. Absurdly, the distance allowed me to learn and appreciate everything I had but couldn’t see and, in the meantime, I started to confront with a culture that was extremely different from the one in which I’ve grown up, but so much more congenial to me.

I develop recipes, I photograph, I tell stories about cultures, places and traditions, I am an aesthetic that likes everything that is natural and sustainable. is my portfolio.

You can contact me at thais(at)

Klaus K

I grew in the countryside of northern Finland and I have always had deep respect for nature, people and art. I saw how nature provides for us basically everything we need. I also learned to appreciate people, because in a small community you are dependent of each other and no one can be ignored. Finally, I learned to love art, especially books and movies, because a major part of the year it was the only way to escape the darkness and, well, just boredom.
I am the curator of the Cocktails Adagio category and sometimes you can find my writings from the Nordic Foraging and Travel sections.

You can contact me at klaus(at)