A big change has occurred here at… wait, where are we? Well, that’s the thing! The blog you have known as “Due fili d’erba” has now rebranded into The Adagio Blog!

We are thrilled about this change. For quite some time, we felt that the blog’s name didn’t fit anymore to our vision and the direction the blog was taking. Even though the idea behind the name was very fitting when we started, the name was quite a challenge for non Italians to remember and maybe a bit confusing for Italian readers as well.

The Adagio Blog - Stories from a Nordic-Italian kitchen and unrushed travels


Why The Adagio Blog, you may ask?


Adagio is an Italian word that many of you might know, that means slowly. We wanted to emphasize that, despite this world is spinning all the time faster and life’s pace is getting more hectic, here we do things adagio. All the work we do is centered around doing things slow and savoring the moment. Our slow food recipes, unrushed travels and lifestyle tips all have one thing in common; they all are a reflection of our slow way living. In the About page you can read more about our philosophy.

The Adagio Blog - Stories from a Nordic-Italian kitchen and unrushed travels


What changes in the blog?


When it comes to content, everything will stay pretty much the same in the blog. We will still post about recipes, travels and sustainable lifestyle. We felt we needed to change the name so that it could better reflect the content we are creating in this blog, not other way around.

The writers of the blog change, though, as it will only be us, Thais and Klaus, with Thais doing most of the writing and Klaus assisting backstage.

Another change will concern the languages. The blog started in Italian. Soon after the first launch, I started translating the posts into English as well, as it occurred that many readers outside Italy could benefit from my posts. Few articles were also translated into Finnish, mainly when the post was done in collaboration with a Finnish brand. For quite a while now I mainly write in English because time doesn’t allow me to always translate by myself all the posts.

This is the thing about slow living: in order to keep life simple and uncluttered, one has to make some sacrifices, to give up something. And so here comes the decision to keep the blog only in English language. There will still be a category for Italian and Finnish language where we will post in those languages when we’ll have time to translate, but the blog will mainly be in English.


We hope that you, our dear readers, will continue to enjoy reading the blog as much as we do enjoy creating it! Our hope is also, that the simpler and more fitting branding will attract some new readers as well! To this end, feel free to share the news about The Adagio Blog, an unrushed virtual place of discovery!


The Adagio Blog - Stories from a Nordic-Italian kitchen and unrushed travels

Klaus & Thais

We share same interests and principles, go in the same direction in life. We like to discover new things and learn from others and each other, but we do it adagio.

January 6, 2019