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Spruce Tip Cake

Summer has finally arrived full on here in Northern Finland and the time of foraging has begun! This time in Nordic Foraging we talk about Spruce Tips and all their traditional uses. Also we share a recipe for a cake that tastes like a Nordic forest in springtime, with spruce syrup to moisten the mint sponge cakes, topped with spruce tip sugar and a lemon zest frosting. Mouthwatering, huh? Grab the recipe in this article!

On Autumn and Routines

How did summer treat you? And where do you stand on routines? Personally, I was longing for autumn to come because it usually brings with it the peace and calmness of routines long lost through the summer’s maze of activities. I feel that routines give structure to an otherwise…

Nazaré waves photo journal

The sea 🌊

Being born and raised in the Alps, I’ve always longed for the sea. All our holidays were spent by the Italian or French coast and for me there never was (and it’s still true) a more relaxing sounds as the stones being moved around by the rip…