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Nature, travel guides, recipes, inspiration… Come along with The Adagio Blog in a journey to discover Finland, a wonderful Nordic gem.

Ruska, the autumn colors of Oulu

During the fall season, Oulu turns orange and yellow and shows off what in Finnish is called Ruska, the bright colors of autumn foliage.With my camera I tried to capture the beauty of this season in my town, Oulu, and I hope you’ll enjoy this virtual tour full of vibrant colors.

An early autumn day in Koitelinkoski

This article is a visual reportage on an early autumn day I spent with my family in Koitelinkoski. Koitelinkoski, aka Koiteli rapids, is a beautiful area nearby Oulu completely equipped to enjoy an outdoor meal. I hope you’ll enjoy this little virtual tour through my photos and words!

Spruce Tip Cake

Summer has finally arrived full on here in Northern Finland and the time of foraging has begun! This time in Nordic Foraging we talk about Spruce Tips and all their traditional uses. Also we share a recipe for a cake that tastes like a Nordic forest in springtime, with spruce syrup to moisten the mint sponge cakes, topped with spruce tip sugar and a lemon zest frosting. Mouthwatering, huh? Grab the recipe in this article!