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Nazaré waves photo journal

The sea 🌊

Being born and raised in the Alps, I’ve always longed for the sea. All our holidays were spent by the Italian or French coast and for me there never was (and it’s still true) a more relaxing sounds as the stones being moved around by the rip…

Runeberg’s thumbprint cookies

Soon it’s again my favorite time of the year! February 5th marks the anniversary of Runeberg, a very important Finnish poet. If you’ve followed this blog (under a different name) for a while, you might remember this character, but here’s a link to a post explaining about this great…

The best travel backpack

In collaboration with Cotswold Hipster.

Hi friends!

We just came back from a wonderful winter break in Portugal. We mainly stayed in the Alentejo region, but also traveled, both north and south. The weather there was great! We were lucky to have 90% of the time amazing sunny weather and the…