Some time ago I started to post some stories on Instagram that I called The Adagio talk. The idea was to recreate a salon, and my first thought was to call it “The Salon Talk”, but then few friends made me reflect on the fact that 21st century folk, when thinking of a salon, they primarily think of another kind of salon. Hence my “Salon Talk” would have most probably been associated with scenes from a wild west movie featuring Clint Eastwood or, even worse, the cheap gossip that characterize these modern day beauty salons. Which was as far as you can possibly imagine with what I had in mind.



Gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation.

A regular social gathering, especially of writers and artists, at the house of a woman prominent in high society.


Did you know? Even though salons are known as French, they were actually invented in Italy in the 16th century, long before they started spreading in France and other countries.

That is what I had in mind. The shift of meaning for this word during history has quite a sobering significance when we stop and reflect on how society has evolved in the past few centuries. A word that used to evoke culture, intellectuality and exchange of opinions in the highest sense now means frivolous chatter for the majority.

People don’t have time to stop and ponder over important topics anymore.

Today’s society is all about going faster, getting stronger, building empires. Being busy is something to boast about. Well, it is not for me. I know not to be the only one who thinks this way, even though we are a minority. However, I also know this is a topic we need to talk more about.


cause (someone or something) to respond to certain stimuli;
make sensitive.

Sensitize is the goal of The Adagio Talk. To open a conversation about themes connected to slow living, sustainable lifestyle and seasonality and hope it would resonate with the readers and inspire them to make changes and share these important topics with others.

So hop on The Adagio Talk, either here in the comment section below or over The Adagio Blog’s Instagram stories! First question for you:

Do you think it is important to talk about slow living, sustainable lifestyle and seasonality?

Comment below!

Thais FK

Italian photographer, recipe developer and content creator, Thais came to Finland by chance, but stayed for love. Through photography she tells stories about traveling, eating, cooking and living sustainably, in order to discover new cultures and not to forget her origins. Thais FK's portfolio: