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Helsinki trip

Last week with Klaus we spent some days in Helsinki, where one of his sister lives. I’ve been in Helsinki before, other two times, but this time we had little bit more time to visit the city. So, now that I know the city little bit better, I can…

Interrail: Budapest

We are almost at the end of this unforgettable trip around Europe with Interrail. Next (and last) city we visited was Budapest. The journey from Vienna is very short, little bit more than two hours. Besides, the connections between the two cities are very frequent, so if you are…

Interrail: Vienna

City center

Stephansdom: Vienna’s Cathedral
Viennese suburbs
Zanoni&Zanoni, super italian ice-cream in the city center
Figlmüller: one hundred years old restaurant, proud for his famous Schnitzel with a pizza’s dimension and many other deliciousnesses!
Riesenrad , one of the oldest Ferris wheels built in 1897 and rebuilt in 1945 after…