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Helsinki trip

Last week with Klaus we spent some days in Helsinki, where one of his sister lives. I’ve been in Helsinki before, other two times, but this time we had little bit more time to visit the city. So, now that I know the city little bit better, I can…

Sap beer

We found a recipe that went like this:
“To every Gallon of Birch-water put a quart of Honey, well stirr’d together; then boil it almost an hour with a few Cloves, and a little Limon-peel, keeping it well scumm’d. When it is sufficiently boil’d, and become cold, add to it…

Asparagus velvet soup

After the asparagus appetizers, here comes another recipe that sees asparagus, vegetable of season now, as the main ingredient.

The color of my velvet soup has some brown in it because I wanted to keep potatoes unpeeled. As you already know, I love Lapland potatoes. Their peel is full of…