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Sap beer

We found a recipe that went like this:
“To every Gallon of Birch-water put a quart of Honey, well stirr’d together; then boil it almost an hour with a few Cloves, and a little Limon-peel, keeping it well scumm’d. When it is sufficiently boil’d, and become cold, add to it…

Aronia pie

Speaking once more about aronia, when I finished to prepare my homemade aronia juice, I decided I would conserve the berries to which I extracted the nectar from in freezer. Then Klaus’ granny gave me a fantastic hint: she suggested I could use them in a pie.

And here it…

Homemade berry juice

I vividly remember how nice it was, when I was a kid, to pick with granny and dad black cherries from the tree we used to have in the garden. Then we would take away the pits, boil the cherries with sugar, extract some juice out of them and…