I don’t know if we can consider this post a small review of an amazing present or a small step into my past or maybe only a consideration of the qualities of the interesting subject of a review. Anyway, I’m going to introduce you an amazing present from Wholesale Cabochons and I explain you why I consider it a very valuable gift.
I always loved gems and stones. I mean really every sort of stones, doesn’t matter if took from a riverbank or seen hanging from a stunning necklace. I always loved them in their pure form and it’s almost obvious to say – from a loyal lover of pink and peace – that quartz it’s actually my favorite. I admit it, in the past it was fighting with amethyst but now I hate purple so there’s no point to discuss about it anymore. I’ve come to understand that quartz wins always, with its small three dimensional drawings like a mountain full of white street. 🙂
I didn’t only use to love gemstones. As a little woman meant to be full of vanity, I loved and still love bracelets too, mainly if some details of the bracelet could remember me of a pink stone. I had, when I was a very very very young lady, a pink bracelet that is a bit like the one in these pictures. Okay, not exactly, but I bet that the feelings wearing it were the same. I had this small bracelet with transparent dark salmon color spheres alternated to some other squared transparent pearls with very little crystals in them. I know it sounds silly, but I can still feel it and I still have it and you know better than me how such a simple thing can have such a weight in your life. It’s only a memory. It’s only a small bracelet. It was so incredibly delicate and full of charm. Like pink. Like peace. Or maybe like stones.

I’m very proud that I could do this small collaboration with Wholesale Cabochons. They produce mainly gems and cabochons, but also nice jewellery made of those gems (like the bracelet that you see, in which the gemstones are pink and I am very happy about it :D) and the way they do it is exactly how I think that life should go on: soft and delicate.
It’s something for calmer souls. This is why I invite you to have a look on their website.

Necklace: True Bloom Jewelry | Copper rings: Perla Blu | Bracelet: Wholesale Cabochons

As you can see, everyone was involved in making this post: Desirée by writing the review, Klaus by taking pictures and Thais by posing and taking care of the technical parts involved in publishing a post on a blog. Thank you for reading us folks!

Desirée Briguglio

Ciao! Sono Desirée e sono qui perché amo scrivere e condividere ciò che amo attraverso la scrittura. Credo che questa è una delle cose più importanti da sapere su di me. Il resto del mio mondo è abbastanza semplice. Mi piacciono le cose semplici, le cose essenziali. Mi piace la matematica perché è concreta e il cielo stellato perché è regolato da tantissime leggi ma le rispetta tutte.