Credits tablefortwoblog

Credits tablefortwoblog

Did you seriously believe it? No, because, I would have really wanted that my lasagna would become beautiful, but instead they turned out to be something like these:

Lasagne ai peperoni, by

It is just because, when they were ready, I found myself in a condition of extreme hunger and I left on the table the plate I had to photograph, so the lasagna flattened… In addition to another reason that I’m going to explain to you further.

At this point, it seems right to me to begin my first recipe on Two blades of grass telling you what I’ve done when I myself tried to reproduce it. Actually it was Thais’ fault – who else? – because I explained what happened to her and she said: “Ics! You have to write it! Because on the blog there is me, who looks always perfect, so we need someone who…” and she didn’t finish the sentence. I wonder what she meant. Anyhow, if you want to know what happened to my poor lasagna continue to read, otherwise scroll down and enjoy the recipe. The idea is not bad, they are easy to prepare, they are quite dietetic and I think they are the best lasagna that I’ve ever eaten, except from the ones of my cousin Step from which I copied took inspiration.

I would stand happily in front of the stove with my pepper – they were two peppers divided in two parts, half yellow and half red, all designed – in pieces that would boil calm in the pan, ready to prepare the bechamel. Since I’m not such a chef, I asked Thais how could I do a bechamel without Bimby (which is a kitchen robot really famous in Italy, by the way), since the Bimby was on holiday with my aunt, and she explained me more or less how to do it. Far from me to ask for the amounts of the ingredients, I started to cook randomly my bechamel not worrying about how much of it I should make. In the meantime I was meditating on the fact that I deeply hate those lasagna composed by miles of layers of pasta that then, when ready, seem cubes ready to be returned in the package whole and compact. And then I decide I would have rigorously outdistance from committing this sacrilege.

Peppers are boiling, I put all in the bowl like I’ll explain you later, I begin to spread my layers so happy and proud of myself, when in the meantime I was lightened by the thought ‘Did I maybe make too little sauce?” that I immediately set aside. I look my lasagna ready to be put in oven and I notice that there was something wrong. I look at it better: it was thick more or less like my forefinger (lying) and who knows me knows that I’ve got very little hands. The idea would be wonderful, If that would have been an omelet. But I absolutely couldn’t publish here the photos of that thing, really, no. It was then that came to me the great idea.

I armed myself with a spoon and I began to remove the filling of the lasagna from the lasagna and to put it again in the bowl. But as the peppers and the bechamel were still hot when I put it on the lasagna, the poor puff pastry had begun to cook and to reach a texture that made them quite difficult to handle. I made it anyway. I prepared other peppers and other bechamel, I burned various parts of my body because I was running and I had to hurry to take photos and it was getting dark but, anyway, I remade a new lasagna that then cooked and was photographed and eaten eaten and photographed. Now I stop to talk and I leave you to the recipe.

Pepper lasagna

Preparation time: 25 minutes
Cooking time: 25 minutes
Serves: 4 people

For the bechamel:

  • 50g butter
  • 50g flour
  • 2 cups of milk
  • salt to taste
  • curry to taste (I can’t suffer the nutmeg, sorry)

For the rest:

  • 2 peppers
  • 2 mozzarella
  • Parmesan cheese
  • lasagna sheets  (If you want, make them yourself, I left Barilla make them for me)
  • Cut the peppers and boil them in a pan with some water (there’s no need to put oil or salt or anything).
  • In the meanwhile prepare the bechamel: in a saucepan melt the butter and add slowly the flour, mixing them together. Add the milk and continue mixing until it boils, then add salt and curry.
  • Blend the boiled peppers making sure they don’t become too liquid (otherwise it will happen what you see in my photo: it flattens a bit when you cut them).
  • Mix the peppers and the bechamel.
  • Now do how you already know: sauce, lasagna, mozzarella, sauce, lasagna, mozzarella, till you have finished all the ingredients
  • Dust with Parmesan cheese and cook in oven at 185° for 25′.
  • Take photos and put it on Instagram.

Lasagne ai peperoni, by


Desirée Briguglio

Ciao! Sono Desirée e sono qui perché amo scrivere e condividere ciò che amo attraverso la scrittura. Credo che questa è una delle cose più importanti da sapere su di me. Il resto del mio mondo è abbastanza semplice. Mi piacciono le cose semplici, le cose essenziali. Mi piace la matematica perché è concreta e il cielo stellato perché è regolato da tantissime leggi ma le rispetta tutte.

September 13, 2015