Finnish ceramics Pentik in collaboration with

Hello everyone!

Today’s post is meant to announce you that from now on Due fili d’erba will have Pentik as a sponsor!

Pentik is a Finnish ceramic company that I got to know quite casually when I came here to Finland for the first time. One day I would walk in Ruka (a skiing center close to the Russian border) with a friend and I stopped in front of a shop that attracted me, in which they would sell beautiful, original ceramics. Later, when I started to be in need of props in which to place my recipes, I had the chance to bump into them again, and I’m more than proud about it!

Now, let me explain you why I like their ceramics. What I admire is mainly that their products are high quality, but at the same time there is imagination in them. From Pentik’s ceramics you can clearly see that their aim is not to follow some temporary fashion, but they base it all on their personal taste. Also their work methodology really impressed me. Now I explain you why.

Everything started 45 years ago, when Anu Pentik determined to make out of her passion for ceramics a company. Their headquarter is in Posio, a little town in the middle of nowhere in the Finnish Arctic Pole. From a small family business, Pentik has grown to have more than 300 employers and is known and admired internationally.

Pentik uses feldspar and silica, main ingredients for ceramic manufacturing, from Finland. The company’s phylosophy is still the same than at the beginning: people count and a quality job is always better and a quantity job. This is what makes Pentik products unique. Every phase is controlled from the staff. All Pentik ceramics are decorated by hand and, in some cases, even shaped and glazed by hand.

Another fact about Pentik ceramics is the spontaneity in which they are created, that is, the designers are guided more by the moment’s inspiration than by too many plans and projects. In fact, they are applying what Anu Pentik herself said: “When you don’t plan too much, there will be more room for intuitive beauty.” And this actually something that does apply to all aspects of life.


This is Kallio, one of my favorite series:


Finnish ceramics Pentik in collaboration with

I like this series because it’s irregular. Not even one piece is same with another. You can find it in three colors: white, gray and pink. Over the next weeks you’ll get the chance to familiarize with Kallio because you’ll see it featured in some of my recipes (you actually already saw a yummy coffee ice-cream in those bowls)

Besides ceramics, Pentik produces a great variety of other products in order to make your home more beautiful, as cutlery and table clothes, all created with that personal touch that I many times miss to find in other brands. If you’re interested in getting to know Pentik products, go and take a look at their online store.

Finnish ceramics Pentik in collaboration with
Finnish ceramics Pentik in collaboration with


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    December 27, 2015

    Kallio is also one of my favorite Pentik ceramics, I also like Kivi. Pentik ceramics are quite expensive, but I rather pay a bit more from a product which is decorated by hand and made in Finland rather than buy cheap “Made in China” ceramics.

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      Thais FK

      December 30, 2015

      Thank you Emma! True, I feel exactly the same! They are more expensive, but that brings at least two benefits: they’ll last longer and they’ll be something to enjoy all the way 🙂