Adagio quarantine - thoughts on how to live positively the isolation imposed by the coronavirus on The Adagio Blog

Hello all. Long time no see. Again, break. So many things have happened since the last time I wrote to you people. Last time we were talking about what this blog means to me, why I don’t post as often as other bloggers do and all that. The thing is, last time I wrote to…

On Posting Responsibly

Alentejo, Portugal | On Posting Responsibly - Slow Posting - The Adagio Blog by Thais FK

I had a long break. We took a long trip. And I decided I wouldn’t think about work for the whole time. I barely checked the blog, I didn’t open the blog’s social media channels. I started working already three weeks ago, producing media content for brands, planning baking classes, but something was still off….

On Autumn and Routines

Autumn and routines in Finland - The Adagio Blog by Thais FK

How did summer treat you? And where do you stand on routines? Personally, I was longing for autumn to come because it usually brings with it the peace and calmness of routines long lost through the summer’s maze of activities. I feel that routines give structure to an otherwise messy schedule and here I am,…