The Lemonade Test

The Classic Lemonade of Cocktails Adagio

What is The Lemonade Test? An experiment to get to know your palate. It has all the basic elements of cocktails: the sour, the sweet and the dilution. Once you figure out what kind of lemonade you like, that can give you powerful insight into what kind drinks and cocktails you like, and especially how you can tweak the proportions to better fit to your taste.

Tonnato Sauce & How to Use it

Tonnato sauce recipe & how to use it | The Adagio Blog and food photography by Thais FK

Sometimes there comes a time when one needs an idea outside the box to freshen up a dish that otherwise has become a little dull and boring. That was our case with the last part of a huge roasted ham, so I thought to share with you the recipe for this very famous Italian sauce, salsa tonnata aka tonnato sauce, that, I’m sure, will prove to be your powerful ally for many different snacks and appetizers in the future.