By now I think it’s pretty clear to everyone who reads this blog that I love to combine Italian and Nordic cuisine in every way I can. From the Lingonberry Aperitivo to the Finnish traditional roasted ham with tonnato sauce and everything in between, I’ve loved to give a Nordic twist to Italian recipes or make a version of Italian classics with the ingredients available in the far North. If these ingredients are wild, all the better.

So after bringing you a Nordic version of an Aperol Spritz and a Limoncello, now I am so honored to introduce you to the Nordic Amaretto.

As seen in the introduction article to rowan buds, these buds taste like bitter almonds and, if consumed in small quantities, are safe to use in cooking. 

I’ve noticed that the few recipes that can be found online with rowan buds require steeping or boiling the buds for a long time, but I noticed that that will cause the almond taste to become too sharp and bitter. My suggestion is to soak the buds in vodka or liqueur for just a couple of days and not bring to boil the liquid in which you are steeping your buds.

The Nordic Amaretto can be used in any way you would use a traditional Amaretto, for example in cocktails, in desserts such as cakes and ice creams or simply to accompany an espresso with a piece of dark chocolate.

The Nordic Amaretto aka Rowan Bud Liqueur

Soaking time2 d
Serves: 500 ml
Author: Thais FK


  • 200 ml of vodka or grappa
  • 200 ml of rowan buds*
  • 150 g sugar (half brown half caster) 1,75 dl
  • 150 ml water


  • Soak the rowan buds in vodka in a covered bowl for 1 or 2 days, until the almond flavor will be as strong as desired.
  • Make a simple syrup by mixing equal amounts of sugar and lukewarm water.
  • Strain** the buds from the vodka, add the syrup, mix well and bottle it.
  • Store in the refrigerator for up to three months.


*volume measurement
**After making the liqueur, do not throw the buds! Dry them instead and use them for baking, in smoothies or teas.
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The Nordic Amaretto aka Rowan Bud Liqueur - Nordic Foraging by The Adagio Blog
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May 13, 2022



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