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Welcome to The Adagio Blog!

A big change has occurred here at… wait, where are we? Well, that’s the thing! The blog you have known as “Due fili d’erba” has now rebranded into The Adagio Blog!

We are thrilled about this change. For quite some time, we felt that the blog’s name didn’t fit anymore…

Winter wedding shoot

Few weeks ago I had the chance to photograph a winter wedding photo session. Even though I am mainly a food photographer, it is always refreshing to take pictures of “living things”. The day couldn’t have been more beautiful. The air was crisp and clear, the sky was blue…

Desirée VS the coconut milk tin

Howdy everyone!
Sometimes, in my life, I find myself in situations where I have to face to quite challenging performances: for example, try not not to insult the courier who about three times per week asks for my name to save it in the database, or try not to insult…