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The Cooking Measurements Guide

Weight measurement or Volume measurement? Which one is better? Does 1 ml of water weight 1 gram? What’s the difference between fl oz and oz?
How to scale a recipe? Discover the answer to all those questions in the Cooking Measurements Guide with Measurement Conversion Chart for baking!

Effortless Bread

The thing I definitely love the most about this isolation situation is waking up to the smell of Klaus’ freshly baked bread. There is absolutely no other breakfast that can beat that. It’s a recipe he’s known for many years, this effortless bread. And what makes this bread effortless…

Banana Pancakes

Since isolation started we carefully plan what we buy from the store. We think about what we want to cook in advance and make a long list before going. We don’t go more than once a week, preferably we stretch to one week and a half. The only reason…