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Traditional Nordic Perch and Mediterranean Perch

To follow I will introduce you to two ways to cook perch. One is the very traditional way, the way I learned from the locals. It comes along with a yogurt sauce that fits very well both with the perch fillets and the boiled potatoes that usually are served as a side dish to this delicacy. The other way has the Italian twist I always love to add to Nordic recipes. It has cherry tomatoes, thyme and a tangy caper mayo to go along with it.

Apple Strudel with a Twist

Strudel is probably my favorite dessert made out of apples. This is a traditional dessert from northern Italy, Germany and Austria. Easy to make, strudel is a dough or pastry with an apple filling, but this version has a very flavorful twist to it that I’m sure will conquer all of your guests!