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Ginger Orange Marmalade

Smells and tastes have a very strong power to evoke memories of an event or place. In these days of India nostalgia I made an orange marmalade we tasted for the first time quite exactly a year ago. It is very flavorful as it contains, besides oranges, ginger, cinnamon and a vanilla bean. I’m glad to say that I found the right dose for the additional ingredients so that they don’t overpower the taste of the oranges, but support it nicely in the background.

I like my marmalade to have a chunky texture, so I very slightly blended the mixture to make it come together, but kept the orange peel pieces as they were. Cinnamon and vanilla are optional flavors, but I’d definitely recommend adding at least the ginger as it gives a slight tanginess to the marmalade that cuts the sweetness and enriches the aftertaste.

Effortless Bread

The thing I definitely love the most about this isolation situation is waking up to the smell of Klaus’ freshly baked bread. There is absolutely no other breakfast that can beat that. It’s a recipe he’s known for many years, this effortless bread. And what makes this bread effortless…

Banana Pancakes

Since isolation started we carefully plan what we buy from the store. We think about what we want to cook in advance and make a long list before going. We don’t go more than once a week, preferably we stretch to one week and a half. The only reason…