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Radish Bruschetta

This recipe was created for Smeg Nordic.

Summer is finally here and, even though I’m not a lover of heat, I always look forward to this season for its produce, all the more so in the Nordic countries. You see, here in the north, summer is really the only season…

Nordic Foraging: Nettle

Urtica dioicaKnown as common nettle, stinging nettle or stinger.

Family: Urticaceae.

Genus: Urtica.

Species: U. dioica.

Of all the wild herbs, nettle has to be my favorite of them all. It is something very familiar to me, that I’ve eaten since childhood. In our garden we left on purpose a little…

Basil Hummus without tahini

A little over a year ago we spent a couple of weeks in Israel and we got to try Israeli local food. As a premise, if you are vegetarian, then Israel should be in your bucket list. All the restaurants have vegetarian options that are really filling and well…

Nordic Foraging

This is an introduction to section of The Adagio Blog called “Nordic Foraging”, where you will find all the knowledge I have acquired in this years concerning Nordic foraging. Nordic foraging aims to be a guide to the wild, to discover how we can benefit from nature to live more sustainably.