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Whether you are a cocktail connoisseur, an experienced mix-ologist or just a curious beginner, I invite you to join me on this expedition through history, culture and culinary discoveries – To prepare and enjoy cocktails carefully, passionately, responsibly, slowly, adagio.

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Wild Waters – How the VilliVesi company is leading the way with sustainable and exotically Nordic soft drinks

As you know, we have a real passion when it comes to preparing delicacies with wild food and trying to bottle up all the amazing smells and flavors of the forest (like with our Spruce Tip Herbal Liqueur or The Lingonberry Forest Liqueur). That is why when we discovered VilliVesi we were so glad to collaborate with them. The values of Villi Vesi immediately resonated with us as they only use natural ingredients, 100% recycled plastic for their bottles, sustainable energy and have zero carbon footprint on the planet! Despite being so good on their own, we still developed some great cocktails and mocktails using their Blueberry & Spruce Tip, Juniper & Lemon and Apple & Ginger flavored carbonated waters. We really hope you’ll like these recipes and try to recreate them at home, we really put our hearts in these and can guarantee you we absolutely love the result!

Lavender Syrup

Lavender is probably my favorite flavour. Doesn’t that taste like soap? You might ask. Granted, it can be an overpowering flavour, but if used wisely lavender can give a really interesting twist to many of your desserts.

Lavender Pairing

There are many ways to pair lavender. In my opinion lavender +…