This new category of our blog has actually been on the table for some time already. The seed was planted about 4 years ago when I had just seen a re-run of Bond films, and wanted to learn how to make a proper Vodka Martini, shaken, not stirred. Fast forward a few months later to our next anniversary, when Thais gave me a cocktail kit as an anniversary gift. From there on I started learning, through research, trial and error the recipes for all the classic cocktails, the aforementioned proper Vodka Martini included. Really though, it wasn’t only until I discovered whiskey based cocktails, that I really got into the cocktail world. Perhaps it had something to do with the more masculine reputation these drinks usually enjoy.

Some of the oldest known cocktails are whiskey based, and they have stood the test of time amazingly well. Take my all time favourite cocktail, The Old Fashioned, for example. It works in almost every imaginable situation, where cocktails are present. You can snuggle with one after a long days work, slowly building up the drink with the ritual you know by heart. Or on a special occasion, use a notch better bourbon and you can celebrate with a drink that’s classy and dignified enough for almost anything from a wedding to gala night.

Cocktails Adagio by Klaus K. on The Adagio Blog

Cocktails are in at the moment, so to speak. According to multiple researches, in many countries the drinking habits are changing. The younger generation drinks less and invests in quality. Hand crafted cocktails made with high quality ingredients fit well with this trend.

In my blog, which will mainly have new contents over at the Instagram account dedicated just for it, I will share with you the classics, my variations and interpretations of them and some hopefully completely original ones. I will share tips that I’ve discovered over the years, that have helped me to make better cocktails more efficiently.

So whether you are a cocktail connoisseur, an experienced mix-ologist or just a curious beginner, I invite you to join me on this expedition through history, culture and culinary discoveries – To prepare and enjoy cocktails carefully, passionately, responsibly, slowly, adagio.

Klaus K.

After having literally married in to Italian culture, I started experiencing life from another perspective. Explorer at heart and a lover of nature, good food, whiskey and culture.