The idea for this sorbet comes mainly from two reasons: my wisdom tooth is growing and aching like crazy so, therefore, the days when I can eat only smoothies, cream soup and other blended stuffs come. In one of those days we decided with Klapsu to try to make a homemade sorbet. Actually it was way easier than we thought! And Klapsu’s opinion is that our sorbet is the best he has ever tasted. This recipe is not only husband-tested, but also Finnish friends tested that enjoyed it very much regardless the cold super cold, slippery and cloudy day in which they ate it!



[col1]Preparation time: 15 min[/col1]
[col2]Cooling: 3/4 hours (depending on where you live and in which season you are living!)[/col2]
[col3]Total time: 3 hours and 15 min[/col3]

Serves: 12 people (regular portions)


  • 600 ml of water
  • 200 g of caster sugar
  • 200 g of brown sugar
  • 1 tbs of vanilla sugar
  • 300 ml of milk/almond milk/soya milk
  • half pineapple
  • one orange


  • Place in a pan the water and the sugars and make them boil, mixing once in while.
  • In the meantime, blend the pineapple and the orange together till they become a smooth pulp.
  • When the syrup will boil, take it away from the heat, add half of the pulp and let it cool (Here it can be a pretty fast process since nowadays it can be -20 outside!).
  • When the mixture will be cold, add the rest of the pulp, the milk, mix it well and put the pan directly to freezer. From now on the instructions will be different depending on when you want to enjoy your sorbet.
  • If the answer is “as soon as possible”, then every half an hour you’ll have to mix it and put it back in freezer, so that it’ll solidify in a homogeneous way. Instead, if you’re planning to eat it the following day/days, everything you’ll gave to do is to forget about it until 45 min before serving time. Then, you’ll put the pan in refrigerator.

Simple, but so tasty!


Thais FK

Italian photographer, recipe developer and content creator, Thais came to Finland by chance, but stayed for love. Through photography she tells stories about traveling, eating, cooking and living sustainably, in order to discover new cultures and not to forget her origins. Thais FK's portfolio:

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