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A blade of grass goes for a trip! Finally, after a long wait, Klaus and I will finally leave tomorrow for our long waited trip. You know, during the Finnish language and culture course I had, I basically didn’t have any holidays, only one week in summertime when our friends got married in Central Finland, so we couldn’t really leave. Now, we want to do things properly.

My dad and granny are nowadays based in Portugal, so of course we would go there. At the same time, many of my friends still leave in Italy (and a very important one in Germany!), so we should also head there. At first we thought to fly from Finland to Portugal, from Portugal to Italy and from Italy or Germany back up here, but soon realized we would have to take so many flights. I am fine with flying, perhaps it’s not my favorite hobby, but I can do it with no so many problems if it wouldn’t be for the airports. I find them absurdly complicated and stressing not to mention the fact that you still have to get to the airport and away from it because they are usually located several kilometers away from the city where you are headed. The thing is that Klaus hates flying so a trip that would require changing at least 5 planes in a month, well, didn’t sound too inviting to him. If you have followed Two blades of grass for a while, you know about our honeymoon by Interrail (here you can find all the posts about it) and how much we enjoy traveling long distances by train.
I still remember the moment when I was trying to figure out how to travel by plane spending as little money as possible and changing as few planes as possible, when Klaus asked: “What about if we go by train?” Challenge accepted. I went to the Interrail website and, surprise! The passes were in discount! That was a sign. We also realized that soon Klaus will turn 26, that makes him an adult for Interrail, hence having to buy the more expensive tickets. We also found a very cheap Helsinki-Paris flight from Norwegian, that would take away a biiiiig part of traveling. So after staying in Paris few days, we’ll be headed east to Portugal by train. There many things are waiting for us: pristine beaches, good, fresh and cheap food (and wine!), relaxing, but especially spending time with my dad and granny, that I’ve been missing so much. Of course, we would call and write regularly during the past almost two years, but it’s not the same.
So a blade of grass goes abroad, but Two blades of grass doesn’t close for vacation! On the contrary, stay tuned because soooo many things are coming up! Recipes, travel tips n’ tricks, photos (a bunch of them, brace yourselves!). We decided not to bring any wireless with us, because we also want to relax and be without phone bipping all the time, but I’ll post every time I can! For this I recommend you guys to follow @duefiliderba on Instagram because that will probably be the main way how I’ll keep you up to date and tell you when I’ll post something you over here. I was also thinking to create an hashtag to use for the trip and the first option that came into my mind was #abladeabroad, but then Klaus made me notice that it sounds more like a terrorist’s mission code than innocent updates from our trip, so I decided to go with #tkabroad. And of course subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t done it yet to have updates directly into your email when a post is published! I hope you’ll enjoy the material coming your way and a big thanks for continuing reading and following Two blades of grass!


Thais FK

Italian photographer, recipe developer and content creator, Thais came to Finland by chance, but stayed for love. Through photography she tells stories about traveling, eating, cooking and living sustainably, in order to discover new cultures and not to forget her origins. Thais FK's portfolio: thaisfk.com

May 5, 2016